1st Industrial design exhibition – University of the Aegean



29/06/13 – 13/07/13

Retrospective exhibition of industrial design products created by students of the University of the Aegean’s Department of Product and System Design Engineering.

Even amidst the economic crisis, there are students in Greece who design the products of the future, pointing out the importance of industrial design, a field which – although relatively unknown in Greece – offers growth perspectives and gives us a chance to create an environment aligned to our developing needs.

For the first time since it was founded, the Department of Product and System Design Engineering (based in Hermoupolis, Syros), organizes a big retrospective exhibition featuring products created during its Industrial Design Workshop courses. The exhibition includes projects created by students in their 3rd and 4th year of study and dissertations focusing in the field of industrial design as well as projects created in collaboration with Greek companies and NGOs demonstrating the interconnection between the University and the market.

These design solutions cover a wide range of mass production applications, from lemon squeezers and small household objects and furniture to products supporting digital technologies and even vehicles. In all cases, design methodology is user-oriented and emphasizes innovation and technical adequacy so that these products could stand on their own in an ever-competitive market.