The Very Closed Circle – Comic Exhibition & Workshop



15/10/16 – 2/10/16

The Very Closed Circle (#TVCC) team celebrates six years of presence in the Greek comics scene. Four years of online presence – with more than 500 strips – one Comicdom award in 2012, one year break for coffee, sandwiches and refueling, all forming a circle of creation and experimentation which comes to an end with the publication of the “Exercises on Paper” album, Jemma Press (2016), and a big exhibition at The Box – Athens.

It was around 2010 when The Very Closed Circle team started coming together, their only weapons a piece of paper, a pencil and four frames. Tongue twisters and riddles, counting-out games, experiments and teasings, puns, bets, shopping lists and even readers’ comments, all played a vital role in the team’s work until 2014. And although they introduced themselves as a “Very Closed Circle”, four years after it was founded, the team already had 18 very talented creators in their roster!

Since all good things eventually come to an end though, the Very Closed Circle team decided they have gone a full circle in 2016. Celebrating the end of the line, they published the “Exercises on Paper” album – featuring brand new strips – and are hosting an open exhibition at The Box where all 18 of them are going to be there, presenting the team’s swansong, talking about their work and showing the original artwork from the new album while some of the members will be running a workshop about the four frame strip techniques.


Saturday, October 15, at 19.00: Exhibition opening and album presentation

At the same time with the official opening of the exhibition on Saturday, October 15, the team will present the “Exercises on Paper” publication. Editor and member of Comicdom, Mr. Aris Kotsis will try to map the creation of the book as well as the team’s course with the help of the EBGE awarded members of the team Tomek Giovanis (illustrator / comic creator), and Tasos Zafiriadis (orthodontist / comic creator) as well as Charis Lagousis (sketch artist / director) and Tasos Maragos (sketch artist).

Both the exhibition and the album feature work from:

Tomek Giovanis, Tasos Zafiriadis, Panagiotis Pantazis, Tasos Maragos, Charis Lagousis, Stavroula Anthiropoulou, Kostis Tzortzakis, Sofia Spirliadou, Stavros Kioutsoukis, Christina Anthiropoulou, George Konstantinou, Ektoras, Antonis Vavagianis, Petros Christoulias, Demetra Adamopoulou, Demetris Kamenos, Thanasis Petropoulos, Efi Theodoropoulou.

Exhibition curation by: Tomek Giovanis
Wednesday, October 19: Workshop / Discussion on four frame strip.

It might be highly unlikely to win an Eisner prize with only four frames but you can at least try! In that spirit, on Wednesday, October 19, members from the Very Closed Circle were at The Box showing us the way how, through a workshop devoted to the techniques and the secrets of four frame strips.