Between Europeans – A literary tracing


What is it that connects us both socially and individually with Europe? Friedrich Ebert Institute of Greece organized an open conversation at The Box venue aiming to provide answers to this fundamental question with the help of two authors coming from different parts of Europe – Austria and Greece. The aim of the evening was to map the cultural and political fields of conflict – especially between Greece and the other EU members -, to analyze social and intellectual trends – as those are viewed by the two guest authors -, to examine in depth the citizens’ feelings on the subject and to help us all discover our European common ground.

The event took place on Thursday, May 4, 2017.

Mr. Christos Katsioulis, director of the Friedrich Ebert Institute in Athens opened the event and the following authors participated:

Vea Kaiser

Author (Austria, „Makarionissi”, 2015)

Christos Oikonomou

Author («Something will happen, you’ll see», 2010)


Maria Topali              Poet


The conversation was in Greek and German with simultaneous interpretation for the public.