Greek Street



31/10/13 – 17/11/13

8 Greek photographers invite us to see the streets through a different perspective.

Over the past few years Greek street photography has started to become more popular among the international photographic community. With Greek Street photography exhibition the Box Athens presents 8 modern representatives of street photography: Angelos Michos, Spyros Staveris, Loukas Vasilikos, Dimitris Mellos, Zisis Kardianos, Petros Kotzambasis, Andreas Paradisopoulos and Babis Kougiemitros.

All of them are photography “maniacs” walking the streets everyday, camera on hand and ready to capture a fleeting image. They don’t use models, exotic scenery or impressive visual effects. Even though the only weapons in their arsenal are sharp eyes, quick reflexes and a bit of luck, with their photographs they manage to transform the chaotic and unimpressive everyday life into something that’s full of life, vibrates and merges meanings and impressions into an almost “surreal” reality.

The selection of these photographers highlights the different mediums through which each one of them approaches photography – film, digital, B&W, colour – but also the diversity of the cities they live and work at (Athens, New York, Zakynthos, Komotini, etc). It is however, through this diversity that a common connecting denominator emerges; their personal and completely honest perspective which is not dispersed in easy and naive visual games but confirms that street photography can be relevant and bold when served by dedicated creators.