Stratum3 Live

The Box Athens introduces a series of acoustic concerts featuring new and upcoming artists. The Box Venue, clearly an unconventional space for live events, is transformed into a cozy livingroom where artists will be performing their music unplugged as they would in a private concert.

“Jazz means rhythm, energy and challenge”, Stratum3 claim in a recent interview. On Thursday, May 25, they performed live at The Box Venue hoping to make us feel exactly that.

Aptly named after the latin word for “layer”, Stratum3 descibe their music as a jazz proposition defined by the music spaces and layers they create.
Stratum3 are a pure improvisational Jazz Modal band influenced by the sounds of John Coltrane’s America and Archie Shepp’s saxophone as well as the current jazz avant-garde scene of Northern Europe.
They are three young musicians bold enough to flirt with the music of the great jazz masters whilst bringing to life their own repertoire of pure jazz creations.
Among their influences we can find names such as Elvin Jones (drummer), Hakon Kornstadt (young Norwegian saxophone player), Charles Mingus, etc.

Panagiotis Christofis, tenor and soprano saxophone
Alexios Antonopoulos, drums
Tolis Metzidakis, bass

You can have a small taste of their new album here and read their latest interview here.