Thalasses – Group photography exhibition



27/5/2014 – 14/6/2014

“Thalasses by the Photography Circe” exhibition includes 233 photographs taken by 65 of the Circle’s members. Curators for this exhibitions are Platon Rivellis and Angelos Michas.

Thalassa (Greek for “Sea”), does not constitute the final goal of these photographs but rather an excuse for their creation. In the same way, the Sea constitutes the reason behind this particular exhibition whose target is, on one hand to emphasize creativity and the variety in personal approach when it comes to photography and, on the other, to point out the selective affiliation which connects photographers and urges them to participate in an artistic community.

The photographers who participate in this exhibition are neither alone nor comparatively better than others from the Circle. Among them there are old-school, experienced photographers as well as others who are younger and less experienced. Their participation in the same exhibition highlights the importance of the association through time but also the happiness shared by all members as soon as they realise that they are the living elements of the Circle’s creative course. All members whose work is not included in this exhibition have an equally substantial portfolio which focuses on subjects other than the sea.

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