The Box Venue is housed in an 135 square metre building and can host various events. The venue is fully functional with air-conditioning, WC and a limited capacity bar and also has a 60 square metre outdoor space. The floor of the building is made out of polished cement screed.

Exhibition of 2d works

For exhibitions of 2d works – such as photographs, artworks etc – the Box for the time being has 20 running metres of wall space as well as six double-sided panels (180cm wide x 205cm tall) which, added to the wall surface, make a total of 41 running metres of space. The venue also has a hanging system for all permanent surfaces. Please contact us for more information.

Exhibition of 3d works

The Box has 36 cubic pedestals (50x50x50cm) for showcasing 3d works. These pedestals are made from OSB and can be combined as needed for larger works. They can also be used for seating.


Music events

The venue’s sound system covers the entire space effectively in low volume. We are also equipped with a P.A. system and are available to host small – preferably acoustic – live concerts. Current equipment includes a 6-channel Soundcraft EPM6 console, 2 JBL 175W speakers and a variety of microphones. We recommend, however, to contact us for further information.

Screenings and lectures

For screenings and lectures, the Box venue has a projector, a white screen, podium and 18 chairs. In case more seating or other furniture are needed, they can be rented upon agreement.


For workshops, 6 large tables for general use are also available along with the aforementioned screening equipment and furniture. In case more seating or other furniture are needed, they can be rented upon agreement.

Since The Box Venue can host a variety of events, if you are interested in using our space for an event not listed above, please fill in the event submission form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to discuss with you the better solution to accommodate your needs.

You an see more photos of The Box Venue during various events by visiting our Gallery page.